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Navigate Your 2013 SEO Campaigns By Using These Top Tips

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Since Google’s 2012 Panda and Penguin updates, there’s been non-stop discussion concerning the future of SEO. The question on everybody’s lips being – ‘Is this the end for SEO?’

Unquestionably the answer to this is ‘no’.

Whilst SEO has undergone and continues to undergo changes, it is still just as important to the success of businesses. The majority of consumers rely on the internet to lead them to the products and services they want most. If your business website is no place to be found, that’s a great deal of sales that you’re losing out on.

With regards to SEO, what businesses need to remember is this – SEO campaigns (see – SEO ) not only need to become smarter, but more human. After updates like Penguin, the sites that thrived were those that had always placed greater importance on good-quality, fresh content. The businesses that kept the search users in mind, rather than algorithms, are the ones that are sitting at the top of Google right now.

Do you too want to get back on top of the search engines like google? Then update your SEO efforts with these top tips for 2013:

1.Content is King! In the past, the biggest mistakethat businesses made was focusing their efforts on generating traffic (see – Essex pay per click marketing ), not people.

As opposed to optimising content and building links for the search engines, why not do it with the search user in mind? Frequently updated and useful content, blog posts and eye-catching articles – this is what will help your site to go up in the esteem of both search engines and search users.

2.Be Diverse. A good mixture of well-researched and diverse anchor text and traffic sources will allow you to build a more natural network of back links. This won’t only help you to rank higher with search engines like google, but also get search users sharing and accepting your links.

3.Engage Your Audience. All the link-building in the world will get you nowhere if you’re unable to engage with your online audiences. Search engines and search users are both looking for content which is good quality and sharable. Build a relationship with your audience, give them a reason to want to return to and talk about your site.

4.Be Authentic. Social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can all prove useful tools when trying to create a recognised, trustworthy business brand. Social media, blogs, directories, Google places – use these to gain your business greater online exposure and give search users an authentic brand that can be trusted.

If you’re SEO campaigns have gotten you nowhere or slowed since the latest Google updates, perhaps you need to take a long, hard look at your current strategies and see what can be improved.

Remember that in SEO, slow and steady wins the race; choose usability over aggressive link-building and 2013 will be a breeze.

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