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Web Design Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make

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Web design is a unique skill to use the latest techniques to create a presentable website that people can access online. Web design involves using text, images, and other elements like graphics in order to lend a more professional look to the site. There are several reasons to focus on high quality web design in case you are creating a website. Just like most people surf from channel to channel while watching television, most people surfing the web tend to jump from site to site very quickly. That’s why you’ll want to have a web design that really secures the visitor’s attention. A site that’s poorly designed may give

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the viewer the wrong impression and that will affect your brand image. To a large extent, the tips in this article will help you with your web design. If you want to learn more about the latest internet marketing techniques you should read this Empire Formula webpage.

It’s not just about graphics, flash, content, etc – you need to be aware of how well-accepted things like popups will be in your market. Sometimes what you lose will outweigh any gains made. Of course always test, but they really are not widely accepted anymore by the average consumer. Popups just carry a negative image, so it’s best with the average consumer to just avoid using them. Don’t put your reputation at stake by having these on your page as they might make you look like a spammer by some users. The healthy alternative is to use a subscription form on your site with a good incentive. You must make sure that all your web pages have a consistent design. To avoid confusing people and causing them difficulty when seeking important information on your site, don’t change the design on every page. This can be done by making sure the color scheme remains consistent.

Make sure to keep all the important navigation links in the same place on each page. Make sure that even the fonts you use are uniform and readable. Come see this great new method of creating wealth online at this Empire Formula web page.

One more trick you need to remember, which many overlook, is to maintain a narrow layout for your text. You may alienate your visitors if you force them to scroll back and forth to read each line of text, which is annoying to say the least. They may leave your site due to boredom and that is something you really don’t want.

Newspapers have short columns for this exact reason. Narrow columns are visually appealing and also much easier to read. Overall, if you want your website to stand out but never knew how to go about it, now you know what to do. Focus on small web design tips like these and you will definitely go a long way.

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How to Build a Nice Looking Site

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Your website is the most significant marketing piece of virtual real estate you own. Online, people will stay on your site if it offers something valuable to them. If a person likes what you offer, he will return. Moreover, he will tell other people about your site.

You don’t have to be in competition with larger, more established websites to succeed online. A beginner marketer would need thousands to compete with those big sites. So, start small. The most successful sites started out with a few visitors, then steadily grew. Finding a way to capture a reader’s attention puts these sites into a golden position to get better traffic.

5 Ways to Build a Quality Website

1. Give them something to do.

Reading shouldn’t be the only thing to be done on your site. To be a success, you must get your readers to react to your site. Your readers must have enough reason to keep coming back and interacting with you, and one way to do this is by asking them for their opinion on something. You can easily build a community around your niche by setting up a discussion board. You can even ask visitors and customers to review or rank things, like articles or products. At the very least, have a contact page available.

2. You Can Post Videos

Videos give people a face to “converse with” when they go to your site and you’re the one interacting with them. If you can discuss anything using video, people will trust you more.

3. Don’t Disregard Your Niche

People go online for a number of reasons, and these reasons have to do with what they want. If your website provides information and entertainment then you’re in tip top shape. Write how-to articles, with videos and audio counterparts.

4. Easy Navigation

If your site is laid out nicely, with products and services, information, prices, FAQs, and content easy to find then people are more likely to hang around. Keep your site simple. Offer a search function where users can search for products, services, or content topics quickly and easily. Keep in mind that the more they hang out, the more likely they’ll buy. Make sure your website’s “skin” is compatible with all browser options (firefox, google chrome, internet explorer etc.).

5. Imprint Your Brand

Your logo’s colors should be easy on the eyes. Your brand must stand out to people so that they know it’s you when they see you on Facebook or Twitter.

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You need to know these 10 steps to great, usable Web design

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Whether you have a dated web site or are looking to establish a web presence in Calgary or anywhere else in the world, you will need to understand these top ten web design usability issues:

1. First Impressions
Studies have shown that the human eye generally reads a webpage in an “F” pattern, from top left to right. Therefore, the hottest screen area on your corporate web site is the top left area. Post your critical info there, especially your corporate logo. The only exception to this may be to center the logo in the top area if the logo is symmetrical. Overall, your website needs to create a great first impression and establish confidence and trust in your visitor. A Web design should not hinder or overwhelm content or branding on any page, including the home page.

2. Keep Navigation Clean & Consistent
It is ideal to have consistent and universal navigation on your Calgary Web designed site. This means having a main menu that can access all pages at any time. This makes it easy for visitors to find the information that they need quickly and smoothly and also maintains confidence in their experience with your company. Having supporting navigation such as breadcrumbs or contextual “previous” and “next” buttons or links to related items will reinforce the web site’s overall usability. Consistency is so important, and remember that navigation, such as text links and a site map, is also used by search engine robots when indexing your web site pages for their search results.

3. Make it Easy to Contact You
Make it easy for visitors to contact you by displaying your current office address or phone number clearly on all pages of your web presence, or at least on your key pages. You can also have a contact us page that has details, such as different branches, key contacts or a contact us form. On today’s websites,it is also popular to see live chat options so a visitor can connect with your staff as they surf!

4.   Get Visitors to Act on Something
Even if it is just to lead a visitor to fill out a web form, a website needs a “Call to Action” – this is an action that is defined by a combination of site navigation, content generation and site functionality, including e-commerce processing. What do you want visitors to do on your site? Where do you want them to go? What is the next step once they have found your site? Is it simply to call you? Purchase a product online or educate themselves? Or perhaps share information with a co-worker in the form of an e-book or pre-recorded video.

5. Keeping Above the “Fold Focus”
Keep the key information you NEED them to see in the top area of your Calgary web site, or wherever you are, above the fold where someone has to scroll down to read more. This is why logos, menus and the main calls to action appear in the top part of the site design – they need to be accessible, without the viewer having to scroll down the page to find the web content they want. Of course, when indepth information is needed pages can be quite long and still flow well, however, as an alternative consider using a PDF document for more passive content, as it keeps the web article concise and easier to manage, plus you can brand your PDFs as a source of viral marketing, with Web links back to your home page on your website. Google and other search engines also index PDFs similar to Web pages, so your PDFs will also turn up in the search engine results.

6. Web Content as a Relationship Builder
A relationship is an ongoing commitment from both sides, it is not a one way street. While the web user on your site is looking for a product or information, your Calgary business is looking for that new customer and the sale they hopefully will bring– and as it has been said, it is so much easier to sell to someone who has already bought from you before. So, when I say “offers a return” I mean it’s a return for both sides, the returning customer finds continual value in your offers and you retain them as a repeat customer. So keep content timely, updated and consider adding a blog or Content Management System to your business Web site.

7. Keep Content Organized
Organize your site so the visitor can easily flow from one web page to the next. Make sure that information is prioritized in a hierarchy of need (both for them and you) and provide the information or product to them as efficiently as possible.  Consider the home page as the portal to the site and lead the visitor to what you can offer them (e.g. latest deals, latest information package, latest blog entry, etc.) and then give it to them. Ensure that each page follows a consistent layout for navigation and branding and that the content area is organized in a clean manner so the design of the site does not interfere with content delivery.

8. Appearance Matters
A website’s impression is made not only by what is included in the web site, but what is left out. Bypass banner ads, third party advertising, non-interactive flash media and overwhelming colour schemes that blatantly fight for the visitor’s attention. Visitors are generally looking for one thing on your site, so make it easy to find by keeping the overall web structure and design layout of the site simple, clean and direct.

9. Secure Your Site to Ensure Trust
With billions of Web pages online these days, your web traffic needs to know, more than ever, that they can trust their valuable time and money to what your site has to offer. Get security seals and trusted third party endorsements, a 256-bit SSL Certificate tells your visitor that you have planned to secure your Calgary web site properly. However, there are subtle, yet effective, ways to show your visitor that they can trust your site: include properly written privacy policy, terms of use, shipping and returns policy, Unique, secure login areas, state clearly you will never sell or share their information with a third party unless they agree and only email them to the degree to which they have agreed.  A basic way to ensure trust is to have your web presence professionally developed by a local design company as this shows you have invested your own time and money in something you feel is worthwhile to others.

10. Triple Check Every Web Page
Errors happen, it is technology after all, and while we all want to believe that technology can deliver 100%, 24/7 – is that reality? The reality is understanding errors do occur, glitches happen and once in a while things need to be fixed. The reality of the Web is that technology has to keep expanding and those tools made to make your life easier still take time to learn and use. As technology progresses we must be prepared to make upgrades, updates and expand along with it. By fixing even simple errors such as broken links (this requires ongoing maintenance), spelling errors, broken images, coding issues due to browser advancements and code deprecation, etc. you can present a well-polished gem to your website visitor, which will inherently carry its worth in its visual appeal, optimum functionality and delivery of relevant, needed content.

Please consider the above 10 key points to improve your existing web presence or if you are looking to start a new Calgary Web design project.

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