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Affiliate Marketing Revised

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Everything you think you know about building an affiliate business is wrong. Everything you’ve been taught is simply out of date. You need to adapt and change or perish.

You’ve been duped

You’ve been told it’s easy to get started as an affiliate. Well, that’s true . . . to a point There’s no doubt it’s easier than starting your own business. But starting your own business is really hard, so it’s all relative.

The bad news…

To top it off you’ve been given false information. The first thing you’re taught is to pick some great products. Next to look for easy keywords to target. Then to use these keywords to buy ads promoting the product. And sit back and collect the profits. But, it’s all wrong.

Don’t bother with keywords

Keyword advertising used to work. But the competition has shot the price of keywords through the roof. So, throw it all away.

A better way

All is not lost. Here’s how to win at this game.

  • Get into CPA marketing
  • Do demographics research
  • Do image ad marketing

Do CPA marketing instead of product promotion

CPA means Cost Per Action. It’s much better than promoting a product. Because your visitor doesn’t have to buy anything. Your commission is generated when they complete an “action”. Such as filling in a form. Which is much easier than getting them to buy something.

Utilize demographics data

Don’t waste time researching keywords (see below). So spend your time doing demographics research. First, select the CPA offer you want to promote. Next, you go to And find your target demographic.

Market on display networks

So far, you’ve got your CPA offer and your target demographics. You can target these exact demographics on display networks. Using image ads. And you don’t need to know or buy a single keyword. Plus you’re going to save a ton of money. Keyword ads are expensive, but image ads are still cheap.

Summing it up

This is a great way to make money fast. Because you can start CPA marketing for free. It’s much cheaper to do image ads than keyword ads. Display networks let you do demographics targeting. And your commission is much easier to earn.


Using Web Audio for Success

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There is no doubt that web page audio significantly increases results. If you don’t have audio in your arsenal, you’re missing out. Adding it raises your opt-in conversions. It boosts sales, too.

But why?

It’s simple. Most of the web is cold and impersonal. It adds a human touch to your site. And adds the feel of a real live person. In short, it makes your site come alive. And people like to interact with things that are alive!

Here are the benefits

There are actually two profit boosts from using audio. You’ll convert more visitors into buyers. And you’ll spend less getting those customers. You won’t have to hire someone to write your sales letter. Just record some audio and add it to your site. Your visitors will respond better to a heart-felt message from you than some fancy copywriting.

You’ll get more subscribers, too. Most people need to be led by the hand. So you just add a simple audio that says: Enter your email address in the form. Just this one simple thing will boost opt-ins up to 315%!

How to use website audio

A welcome message on your homepage. A warm welcome can be the deciding factor. Your welcome message could make them stay when they would normally leave.

Step-by-step instructions. Just like in the opt-in example. You can use audio to tell your visitors exactly what to do. Use this to lead them through the ordering process, as well.

Product testimonials are great. A written testimonial is good. But an audio testimonial is better. It’s much hard to fake an audio testimonial. Using audio makes it much more believable. And will definitely increase your results.

Sneaky tick

What about creating an entire product using audio? This is by far the easiest content to produce. And your customers will be very happy with the product. Think about how popular podcast are. And you can get someone to transcribe them for very little money. Then you’ve got an eBook, too – but it was easy to create!

Is it hard to add audio?

It’s actually really easy. You can find a lot of programs that create audio buttons for you. There’s no knowledge required on your part. The software creates the audio button code for you. Just paste the code you copy from the software. You don’t need to even consider this part.


Here’s a recap of the benefits. Setting up some web audio will do wonders for all your results. You’ll get more sales. You will also increase your subscriber opt-ins. And you can use it to create products and sales letters quickly. You’ll be one of the few you use these strategies. But audio is a really big time and money saver. Start using it today and you’ll be glad you did.


Sneaky Affiliate Tricks

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Yes affiliate marketing rocks, but it’s really hard to get started. The reason is because there is a lot of competition. The challenge is to try and outdo other affiliates and think of ways to do a better job promoting. It’s also hard to figure out what to do because there’s a lot of information out there. Well, here’s on simple thing you can do that will put you ahead of the game.

Affiliate videos

The power of video is undeniable. The reason it’s so pervasive is because everyone loves it. About the only thing that keeps people’s attention anymore is video. So using it in your affiliate promotions is a no-brainer!

Here are a few ideas for creating affiliate videos:

  • Record your testimonial
  • Do a video walk-through
  • Ordering
  • Do a preview video

Do a testimonial video

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Simply turn on your recorder and talk. Don’t worry about quality. Just seeing another real person endorsing a product helps your viewers decide to buy. And the mess-ups or mistakes just make the video more real. So serious, just turn on the camera and talk. Use one of the other ideas if you’re feeling shy.


This technique works slightly more subconsciously. You’re taking the role of teacher and showing how to use the product. And seeing it being used is a great way to make people want to buy it. If the product is useful, watching the tutorial makes them want to buy it. So, obviously, pick a good product to demo.

Record the order process

This could be the most powerful method of all. Record yourself placing an order. Watching you make a live purchase will inspire your viewer like nothing else. In the first place it acts as social proof. In general people are more likely to something they’ve seen other people do. Second, it builds trust. Your advice is easier to trust if they can see you’re doing what you tell them to do. And let’s not forget about good old fashioned envy. They see you getting the satisfaction of making the purchase and that makes them want it. You can add some extra punch to this by ending with: In order to get to see the inside, you gotta buy the product.

Record a preview of the members area

This one is perfect for building up the value of what you’re promoting. You do a tour of the members area. They get to see everything they’ll receive when they order. It also reduces the reservations of skeptics. It’s much easier to trust they’re getting something if they actually seen it.

It’s easy!

There’s no technical knowledge required. Some very easy to use programs make the videos for you. The software really does all the work So there’s no need to even think about the technical side. Just focus on the benefits:

  • Make more money You’ll earn more affiliate commissions when you add video. People like video, so start using it.
  • Less refunds Less of your commissions will be clawed back, too. Thanks to you people know what’s inside before buying. So, very few of them will cancel their order.
  • Outdo your competitors! This is a really easy thing to do. And almost no one is doing it. That puts you ahead of the pack.

So get serious about your affiliate business and add video in now. Not using video is detrimental to you business. So do it!


Affiliate Business Tips

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If you’re not preselling, you’re losing money

The most important thing you can do to increase your affiliate commissions is to presell properly.

First, what is preselling? Well, it is an art. And it’s also a science. The goal is to get your reader prepped to make a purchase. Then you send them to the site that sells what you’ve prepared them for. When done correctly, your reader will not even notice.

The gist is that you give your reader some useful information. Then send them to the sales page. We’ll get into how to do it correctly in a minute. Before we get into that, you should understand what’s in it for you. Some major benefits of this process:

  • It helps your reader trust you – And gaining the trust of your readers helps them want to click your links. Which obviously means you’ll make more sales.
  • Preselling is disarming – Nobody likes to be sold something. By not doing that to them, your reader is less defensive. Unguarded reading means they’re not filtering what you say. And your intention is conveyed more easily.
  • It creates buying readiness – Now they’re open to hearing what you’re telling them. Being open means, they are open to everything you give them. This includes the sales website you send them to! Being open to a sales message is what it means being in a buying mood.
  • You make more money – You’ve prepped them and referred them in the right state of mind. Open to the sales message and feeling safe. The only thing that can result is increased sales!
  • It increases customer satisfaction – People like to make their own buying decisions. Instead of being manipulated into buying. So they are happier with their purchase.
  • It boosts your profits – Satisfied customers are less like to refund. Which means you keep more of your affiliate commissions.

Obviously, it’s important to presell. You earn more commissions. And increase your customer satisfaction. That’s a clear win-win.

Now, here’s how preselling works:

OK, now you understand why it’s so important. And I hope you’re resolved to being preselling, too. So, let’s talk about how to make it work. Remember, there are two components – art and science.

Part 1 – The art of it

First, you have to gain the trust of your reader, so they let their guard down. And the only method of doing this is to give exceptional value to your readers. But you can’t give them so much that they think they have everything they could need, and that’s what makes it an art. That is, they have to be wanting more when you refer them to the product sales page for the product you’re trying to sell. And since they’re more open, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Part 2 – the Science

You also have to include some very specific things.

One of these key elements is the presentation of the information. You have to have your end in mind. In the end, you want to sell a specific product. There are two ways to accomplish this with great content. The first method is to provide enough info to get them started, but not enough to finish. Or you can give them so much information that it feels overwhelming to do what you’re talking about. Either way, the product sales page solves the problem.

Next, you have to use “convert linking” methods. You have directly to the home page of the product. That’s because nobody likes to click on affiliate links. But, without your affiliate link, how do you get credit? There’s a trick to make this work… You use the “covert cookie” strategy.

Next, you want to make sure you’re linking on related words and phrases. People are used to clicking on hyperlinked words to get information they’re looking for. And when the words are in context like this, it makes perfect sense for your reader to click them.

Using this system, you’re virtually guaranteed to increase your affiliate business success.

OK, here’s the not-so-good news:

This process is not easy – at all! Let’s talk about everything required to put this plan into action: Awesome content. The entire process depends on your being able to provide useful information to your readers. This means you have to be able to write well, and have enough knowledge to be useful. Writing to presell. Yes, you must providing useful content. You also have to present the info in a way that provides real value. While at the same time making them want more. Or make the information so overwhelming they realize they can’t do it on their own.

Picking products. Next, you’ve got to pick the right product to presell. If you can manage to get the article written well. You’ve wasted all your effort if the product doesn’t sell well.

The technical know-how To be most effective you have to use the “covert cookie” method. This is actually pretty simple – just embed a 1 pixel X 1 pixel image and set your affiliate link as the “source” of the image. (Just don’t mess it up. Otherwise, you won’t get credit for your sales.)

In closing:

Now you know what it takes to be a Presell Pro. Using these techniques will increase your affiliate sales by 500% or more! It’s absolutely critical to do this every time – and to do it correctly. Please don’t be lazy. The effort it takes is well worth the benefits…


Affiliate Marketing Secrets

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Learn Top Affiliate Secrets

If you want to get started quickly and easily in internet marketing, then affiliate marketing is for you. Affiliate marketing means that all you do is sendhits to someone else’s website, they do everything else! (make the product, design the sale page, handle the billing and support, etc.), and you keep 50% or more of the sales

The benefits of this are

  1. You’re able to start right now without having to create a product, write the sales page, design the website, come up with support tools, or set up the ordering, billing & delivery system.
  2. It runs on auto-pilotfor you because you don’t have to do the customer support or deal with billing or technical issues.
  3. You have nearly zero risk because you already know the product sells, because the product owner has already done all the research , development and testing. So you already know that the visitors you send will result in commissions for you.

Obviously affiliate marketing makes sense – these benefits make it a clear winner!

OK, but it’s not all rosy…

After all your hard work of generating traffic to the sales page, you will never see any of those visitors again. Most of them will not buy on their first visit, which means you’re losing over 90% of the traffic right off the top. The 10% or less that make a purchase now belong to the product owner. She can sell them additional products, but you can never sell to them again.

How can you avoid this pitfall?

It’s simple: You must get your visitors’ email addresses before you send them to the product owner’s website. By getting their contact info, you can follow up increase your odds of making the sale by sending them back to the product owner’s website multiple times. And if you’re really on top of your game, you’ll then send to a content mini-site in between.

Here’s why you want to implement these affiliate marketing strategies:

  1. By building your own list, you’re creating a renewable resource that you can tap again and again for instant profits.
  2. You’re generating good will by giving them high-quality content. This way, they are much more likely to make a purchase when you send them to the sales page.

Here’s what you’ll need to create affiliate tools like this:

  1. A Video Squeeze Page (with video)
  2. One or more content-rich “warm up” pages
  3. An email series with at least 5 high-quality content emails

You’ll use the squeeze page as the place to send your visitors instead of using the product website. This page is where you collect your visitors’ contact info and add them to your autoresponder, which in turn starts sending them the multi-part email series. After subscribing them to your email list, it redirects them to your content mini-site.

The content pages provide valuable information for your visitors and make them more receptive to the sales message that you’ll link to from inside the content. And even if they don’t buy on the first visit, your email series sends them back to the product sales page again and again to increase your sales.

All of this together increases your chances of making the sale by up to 500% so it’s well worth the effort of setting it up. After setting it up, you simply send visitors to your squeeze page instead of the sales page. And the rest runs on auto-pilot.

Setting it all up yourself requires some skill, and if you’re not up to it, you can use a service like Affiliate Silver Bullet. With a service like that, you don’t have to do anything. They make the video, build the squeeze page, write the email series, develop the content mini-site, etc. And then just give you a finished package. The major benefit of using a service like this is that you can get started right away, and for a whole lot less than it would cost to do it all yourself. One negative is that there will be other people using this same affiliate marketing system. However, the odds of you and them both finding the same visitor are so small, that it doesn’t really matter.

The other route you can take is to hire people on Elance to create and implement the various aspects for you. Either way, it’s an important step that you need to take if you’re going to be serious about your affiliate marketing.