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Share Emotions On Your Blog

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When you do not include feelings on your blog, you wouldn’t be able to show your human side. That’s why bloggers should try their best to always let their personality shine through on their digital domains. Any kind of blogger should add  passion so that readers can also feel your blog.

Be natural in expressing your thoughts and have originality when creating a blog. Write like you are just having a usual conversation with someone. It’s the best way to make it sound natural. Oftentimes, readers are displeased to read blogs that are not originally created and obviously copied from someone’s idea.  

By being natural, you will get used to blog your own experiences and be able to establish connection with your readers. For parenting bloggers, how about sharing your inner feelings when you were pregnant rather than just discuss the kinds of pregnancy that a person can undergo?  Gadget bloggers can impart more than the latest gadget, but maybe a short thoughts on the devices that he presently owned.  

Always update your readers on the latest happenings in your life. How do you like the new place that you just recently visited? How do you feel now that you have a new boyfriend? How was your valentine’s?  Revealing some real life experiences on your blog can get the interest of your reader. Just don’t go overboard and give out more information you’re not comfortable with.

One helpful tip in blogging is to create topics where you can easily express yourself. Don’t be afraid to show your quirks in your writing because that’s who you really are. A blog, after all, is an open journal made exactly for self expression.  You can express yourself in any way like when you write blogs better in a comic way. Authenticity gives a blog personality.  

Bloggers who still remain anonymous on their blogs should try to open up a little bit. Blog followers are keen to read blogs that are based from true to life stories. Allocate a field on your blog that says something about yourself.  A simple introduction like that essentially puts a face to your blog.  Through this, readers will create familiarity on you and would be able to relate to your blogs.

A blogger’s personal touch acts like fairy dust to a blog.  It makes the blog more exciting, realistic and extra ordinary than the other usual write ups.  Without those feelings, the blog will be considered a boring one. 

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Blog Etiquette Tips For Newbies

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There’s no such thing as ground rules when it comes to blogging, but just as in any social situation, proper etiquette is expected. We have observed the growth of the blogging community for quite a long time now and we can see that it has created certain undeclared guidelines especially for newbies.

 Newbie bloggers who aspire to be successful need to earn the respect of their readers and the rest of the blogsphere community. How do you want to be classified in the field of blogging?  Here are a few internet practices new bloggers should get used to.

 1. Making use of the ideas of other people. In order to be respected, we should also respect others so it would be best to mention their name if you will include their ideas in your blog. Copying someone’s idea is considered stealing and it also applies to blogging wherein bloggers have all the right in their own write up. You better seek the approval of the source when their thought or pictures were used in your blog.

 2. Do not be subjective on your ideas. Topics about politics and religion might result to chaos amongst the reader and the blogger. Not everybody may agree to your opinion. Some bloggers became famous with hot issue write ups but we must be aware that it is not a 100% winning piece. Criticism is expected when you post something that challenges one side of a story. If you do not welcome the idea of receiving numerous disapprovals and dislike from your readers, do not be subjective on your ideas.

 3. Stopping piracy. You may have enough pirated content sitting in your hard drive, but just keep it right there. For you not to be called a captain of piracy, you should remember that copying and distributing of any material with an exclusive right is prohibited in many countries. If you feel like sharing your favorite song, book or film, it would be better if you point your readers to the right (legit) direction instead of providing a free copy for anybody to download.

4. Responding to feedback. When a blog has a comment section, readers would feel the warmth of your invitation to their ideas on your topic. So let’s show our politeness to our readers by giving attention to all of their comments. You can also respond to the commentary of a fellow blogger once he gives out his blog address.      

 5. Avoid negative bashing. Bloggers normally express their feelings through blogs. When you decide to do it, just be careful not to hurt other person’s feelings so you can avoid feedback that can lead to a clash. Could you handle negative bashing if it is done to you in other person’s blog? People like to read friendly blogs so steer clear of name dropping, bad language and other negativity for your own benefit.

 A line must be drawn on some internet practices to help keep it a friendly environment. Although nobody really regulates what we write on our blog, we still have to practice proper blog etiquette for the sake of our readers and fellow bloggers.      

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