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How To Come Up With More Content For Your Blog

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The initial stages of running a blog are really exciting. You have so much things in mind that you want to include in it like your writing piece and interactive features.  It’s just like getting a new apartment and having to fill every corner in it. But after some time, you begin to lose the thrill and consider blogging as an odd job.  Several blogs are even left idle.

Coming up with continuous content is key to having a successful blog. Continue to publish new blogs to retain your followers and be evident in search engines. But some bloggers are experiencing difficulty catching up with the demand, so shared below are tips to boost your blog content.

1. Learn to manage your blog posts.  Many bloggers write articles in their leisure time. To maximize that free time, plan your blog posts ahead of time. Write down all your ideas or certain incident that you want to tackle on your blog before the actual blogging. This is to prevent idle time whenever you use your computer. Create a blog draft on paper to avoid getting distracted by other websites. This routine can save a lot of time and this will help you produce quality articles as well.

2. Set limits on your entries by dividing it into parts. You may have full enthusiasm to write a blog one day but you might not sustain that same feeling the next day. Dividing your blog post into parts is better than writing a long continuous paragraph. Besides, readers may get bored if they think your post is too long. Excite your followers by letting them know that the continuation of your blog will soon be released and broadcast ahead the next publish date.

3. Get more authors. Simply put: two hands are better than one. A single blog can be created by granting multiple authors access to post via a popular blog platform such as Tumblr. This means two or more people can post articles in a single blog domain. This feature is frequently used by teams, group and associates. If you happen to know someone who is fascinated to create a write up for your blog, give him a chance to do it.

4. Consider guest posts.  Allow guest posts on your blog. Guest posts are articles written by other bloggers. This practice is common among bloggers in the same genre and it is usually done in exchange for a link back to the guest blogger’s website. Make a minor ad on your blog to motivate guest post entries.

5.  Easy-To-Use Article Directory. Article directories are websites that accept write ups on different topics for publication at their site and for frequent distribution at other sites. A few examples are, and By signing up as a member, you are entitled to source articles from their extensive directory – for free! But just like guest posts, articles sourced from article directories may also have embedded links that link back to its author’s website.

6. Display RSS feeds. Rich Site Summary, commonly dubbed as RSS or Real Simple Syndication, is a format used to distribute frequently updated works like blog entries through web channels. Most blogs display their RSS feed link openly for easy syndication of others. When you syndicate a blog, all its new posts will automatically get posted to your site as well. This practice is not to be mistaken for stolen content because RSS feeds will show a link back to its original source.

Now that you know how to bulk up your blog, coming up with new content should be the least of your problems as a blogger.   

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