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SEO Advice For Any Website

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If you’re a beginner to SEO, this is the place to start. In this first tip, I’m going to explain everything you need to know to get started with SEO on your website.

SEO is broken down into two major components: “on-page” and “off-page” SEO.

The way I like to look at it, on-page SEO is the way you get your site into the game, so to speak. It’s how Google will know what keywords you want to rank your site for. They won’t always oblige, but the on-page elements will be your jumping off point and you need to tend to these factors correctly so that you give your site the best possible chance to make it onto the first page.

Before I get into the specific factors, I want to point out that you should target ONE (TWO AT THE MAX) KEYWORD(s) per page of your site, whether that’s a home page or inner page. If you try to target more than two, you’ll confuse Google and your site may not rank for the term your going after. So if Google decides to rank your page for multiple keywords, consider it a bonus. If you intend for your site to rank for multiple keywords, then plan to make multiple pages and target individual keywords with the following principles in mind.

In on-page SEO, you will need to pay attention to the following factors:

1)  Keyword in your title – you want to make sure it’s somewhere in there. It is best if the title IS your keyword.

2)  Keyword in the URL – again, just make sure it’s in there. If the keyword is an “exact match” URL, that is best. However, that is not a necessity to rank, whatsoever. Google probably only gives a small boost for this. The next best is to have

3)  Keyword in the “description” – this is the part that comes up underneath your title tag in the search engines. It is super-important to Google because it is all about delivering relevant results. Try to include your keyword twice within the first 60 characters of your description. But you also want to make your description readable and enticing to get the web surfer to click on your link.

4)  Keyword in your “H1″ header – In html coding, there is something known as headers, H1, H2, etc. Make sure your keyword is in the H1 tag and it is best if your keyword IS the H1 tag. Most of the time, especially with wordpress blogs, your title and your H1 tag are one in the same. Most people forget or don’t know to do this and this alone will put your site over someone else’s if you have everything else in place. Don’t forget this step!

5)  Keyword used on page – Use it from 3-10% density. No reason to nitpick over this. If you have 100 words on your web page just include your keyword 3 times.

6)  A note on meta keyword tags – Google doesn’t look at them at all. But Bing does.
So once you’ve figured out “on-page”, you need to start “off-page” (“backlinking”), which is an enormous topic on its own. Keep in mind that you will NOT consistently rank for keywords without doing backlinking. It is considered to be 90% of SEO. I look at it like “reputation building.” Google judges the backlink quality, quantity, and methods of your site and from that, gauges how much people like your site. Ultimately, your “reputation” will determine how high you rank.

About the Author: Jonathan Scott is an seo consultant who has been helping small businesses get better search engine rankings and website traffic generation since 2006. Jonathan has a new seo training course and other quality training he is giving to you for free. Go to


Best List Building Methods for Internet Marketers

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In this article we will tell you how to use linkdozer to make quick profits online.

Using the internet to sell products and services can bring in a substantial amount of money. This is where all internet marketers want to be. All internet marketers know that the internet is not some type of ATM machine but if you build a large list of buyers then you can come very close to it. This is the most popular and effective way of building something close to a hands-free business that has the potential of bringing you a lot of money. There are lots of reasons that e-mail marketing is more successful than other forms of making money online. The biggest reason is that this type of selling is done to a very targeted market: people who have actually asked to hear from you when you have something to sell or say. Following are a few ways of getting people on your list.

You may have seen ads or forum posts advising you to simply buy e-mail addresses for marketing purposes. Be very wary of this! Buying e-mail addresses from anyone is a very bad idea. Any e-mails you send by using purchased lists are likely to be flagged as spam. Would you really trust anyone who compiles large lists of e-mail addresses and then sells them? There is no legitimate way anyone can acquire such a list, for list owners are forbidden to share or resell the e-mail addresses of people who signed up with them. So buying an e-mail list is not the way to go. Don’t risk creating unnecessary difficulties by doing this.

One important thing to do if you want people to give you their e-mail addresses is to make the process very simple for them. Put the opt in form in a prime location on your website. It should not be hidden by other details or information. Put it on every single page of every website that you run. The more work people have to do to sign up for your list the less likely they will be to actually sign up once they get the opportunity. If you make it easy, however, you will probably end up with more e-mail addresses than you know what to do with! Find out what link dozer customers has to say about this seo tool.

One simple way to build a list is to advertise! Advertise in a way that makes it clear people can get something for free, whether it’s a gift or a newsletter. Advertise in the places people in your niche are most likely to frequent: blogs, other newsletters and even offline.

If you want to build your list easily, advertising can be a good method to use. This is a very honest method of list building but, for some reason, few seem to see the power that it holds.

E-mail can increase your income like almost nothing else online. It is well known that e-mail marketing is the best way sell to the same person time and again. If you want to have a long line of people who are eagerly waiting to buy from you then email marketing is how to make it happen.

All it takes to do this easily is to apply the best techniques. There are tested methods that are proven to produce a positive outcome but you can also create and test your own techniques if you are up to it. Remember,your list can bring you a lot of money so don’t be fearful to put an idea to use that you think will increase your list size.


Yes – Even You Can Create and Manage Your Very Own Article Directory

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If you have the initiative to create and manage an article directory, then you will open a ton of possibilities for yourself. No matter what kind of article directory you want to have, or what you want to do with it, it can be arranged. Don’t think that huge directories like Ezinearticles make it impossible to start one of your own. Your goal is not going to be to compete with such directories, as you have your own purpose. What’ you’re really aiming for is something like an authority website (whether you presently have one now or not), only on an even larger scale. Consider how much more traffic and income streams you could get out of an article directory. With tons of articles, imagine how many keywords you could be on page one with in the search engines. The question is, how do you even start such a project? If having an article directory sounds exciting, the following tactics can help you begin. If you’re just learning about Article marketing and wish to see how it may promote your business a prime example is Non IM Riches.

On page search engine optimization is a huge part of building your article directory. This is something that you need to get as right as possible for obvious reasons. Each of your onpage seo components will be very important. As your directory ages, then backlinking will happen naturally if people use your articles elsewhere. Once everything is in place, then your internal linking will help you with seo scoring. Make sure there are no search engine bot roadblocks caused by software coding. You can only build according to Google’s latest update, but do make sure your information includes the latest update.

You can monetize your article directory in a wide variety of ways. But do not overwhelm your visitors with offers and banners everywhere.

You can take a look at established article directories and get a very good idea of how you can approach the monetization issue. Do not be heavy handed with the ads, though, because you want people to stay there as long as possible. This is a necessary in the creation of any site, sales copy, or advertising. Be very sure you test everything because you just never know what will work or not quite work out. You will be missing many opportunities if you ignore the power of testing and tracking. That is the only way you can optimize your article directory for maximum impact and conversions. You will find new product launches happening all the time for example Non IM Riches Bonus, and nearly all of them will take advantage of Article marketing.

Then of course you will need to think about where you will host your article directory. You may not have a need for anything more than a shared hosting account in the beginning. If you want to grow into something larger, then it would be easier to start off with something that can handle more traffic and bandwidth. Be careful about falling for the advertisement that says you get unlimited everything in the basic package. The hosting companies promise you that, but you will see that you get a lot of 404 errors when your traffic starts to climb. It is just the way it is when you are dealing with a shared account. If you anticipate getting a lot of traffic, then simply get an account for dedicated hosting or even a VPS will be better than shared.

There is nothing wrong at all with creating and managing an article directory, and there are thousands of them so that should inspire you. This kind of undertaking is available for anyone to do, however for new marketers it should only be attempted by those who are ambitious, not afraid of a challenge, and have the willingness to work hard. There are so many good resources online, and lack of knowledge is really no longer an excuse. No one has perfect or complete knowledge and experience, so if you are lacking in those – just do not worry about it.

Check out what all the buzz is about at the Non IM Riches website and make sure you don’t miss out.


Discover the Most Efficient Ways to Market Your Business Online

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There are many ways to market online; however, your main goal is always to either sell something or collect the email addresses or other contact information of prospects. It’s very often repeated that it’s quite easy to make money on the internet. More impressive still, you can make this money with little work or effort, with the whole business running on auto-pilot. So, is making money online as effortless as

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we are often told? Should we believe these claims, or is there a hidden catch? The catch is simple –you need to work hard, put in the effort and give dedicated time to it to get real results. There are many people who enter Internet marketing thinking they will make a couple of thousand dollars in a matter of a few weeks of starting. What such people need to understand is that this is a real business, not an automated money-printing machine. As with any business, when you market online you are dealing with actual people, actual products and actual money. Those who expect to make their quick fortunes and then retire quickly are not facing reality. One great advantage of internet marketing is that you can begin with almost nothing and take your business to great heights. The way this actually works is not very well known. The fact is, all of the most successful companies you see online –think of Google– are really examples of successful internet marketing. Millions of people all over the world buy advertising from them to market their products and services. If you consider it this way, it becomes apparent how big a business internet marketing really is. Like any business, you need to follow a systematic course of action, be willing to take calculated risks and work towards your goals. We will now explore some online marketing tips to help you attract targeted website traffic.

Consider that this approach will deliver the results if you have an affiliate online business, or you are promoting your own solutions and products, or perhaps you need to generate mlm leads online.

One of the most integral parts of Internet marketing is email.

Yes, email marketing is a crucial part of your online success. Every internet marketing guru will tell you that the key to real online success is having a list. You should always try to capture the contact information of all the visitors to your website. The power in this is that once you have a list, you can send out promotions to your subscribers whenever you want. Yet at the same time, don’t use your list to sell too much too often. You have to have a healthy balance between the offers you send to your list and the information you provide them. You may want to create a newsletter or an ezine, or simply include tidbits of useful resources in the emails you send out. The more you give to your list, the more it will give back to you. Respect your subscribers and they will give you profits.

Social marketing is an IM tactic/strategy that is just on fire right now. Social networking marketing uses the incredible power of social media sites to funnel traffic to where ever you want. Does that sound incredibly easy? And it is easy! These sites share a great relationship with the search engines and will help you rank easily. You’ll enjoy very targeted traffic, and your conversions will be quite good.

In conclusion, Internet marketing is a medium that can prove to be highly profitable, if you use it the right way. If you want to see long term success with your internet marketing efforts, always keep your business practices ethical.

You can also generate lots of traffic to your site by mixing marketing with video with content writing. You can master article marketing strategies and this will allow you to have success with this method, at the same time.


How PLR Can Make Your Life Easier

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PLR (private label rights) can benefit internet marketers in many different ways. PLR materials can by used any way you want, depending on the specific terms of the license. PLR give you the convenience of not having to create original work, and it’s good for your budget because it’s much cheaper than buying unique content. Internet marketers often find that PLR is one of the best ways for them to build their online businesses. You have most likely seen many advertisements for PLR products. You can find many ads for PLR on internet marketing forums. Some PLR products are better than others. PLR also can be used either honestly or in a spam-like manner. Use PLR in the ways discussed below, and you won’t go wrong.

Private label rights articles are best used as inspiration. Instead of simply copy and pasting them into your website, why not rewrite them? You can use the PLR article as the place to get the facts or basic information you need. With this information at your fingertips, writing your own articles becomes simple. If you rewrite the article, you can then use it as unique content on your blog or website or sell it to someone else who needs articles. You can also submit a rewritten article to a directory for your own marketing efforts. You can also use these rewritten articles as content on your own website. You are definitely better off posting or submitting content that can be considered original rather than duplicate. Some people combine PLR articles together and turn them into an e-book. When you have PLR articles, you don’t have to spend hours looking for the information, which can save you valuable time. A package of PLR articles on a certain niche topic give you everything you need to easily create an e-book that you can sell on your website or even give away. When you make a book, just check over the articles, as you may have to correct some errors or add a few connecting phrases so the articles merge into a book.

Quite a few internet marketing professionals get private label rights and try to make money off of them by re-selling them to others. This is completely legal provided that the license you purchased gives you permission to do this. If you can’t sell the items as they are, you can make some minute changes to the PLR items to create new ones before selling those. Depending on your work ethic and patience, this

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can be quite an easy way to earn extra money. Private label rights material, when put to good use, can be a great tool for internet marketers. When you acquire PLR in your own niche, you can save yourself many hours of research time. You can also go into the business of buying and then reselling PLR; just be sure to buy products that offer a license that allows you to do this. You could use the money you make this way by financing the creation of your own products.

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