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Offline Marketing Techniques for Online Marketers

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There is no rule that says you have to market your internet business solely on the internet. In fact, using only online methods to promote your products and services is pretty bad business sense. Sure it is cheaper to market your business using online methods (most of these methods are free!), but doing that means that you won’t ever truly reach your full business potential.

Once you include offline marketing into your business model you have just opened the doors to an unlimited number of new customers. Making sales is not an option when it comes to running a business so don’t exclude any marketing opportunities. And every advanced marketer understands the great potential that offline marketing can offer their business. Now, lets take a look a some of these techniques so you can discover why they are so effective at getting new buyers.

This method deals with flier distribution but check your local laws on this one. Does the law allow you to hang them from a home’s front door? Does local law say you can’t walk from house to house dropping them in mailboxes? Okay, now that you know the legal aspects, which shouldn’t have been to difficult to find out, you should now work on getting your fliers printed: this is a task that you can do yourself with a computer and basic printer or you can pay someone else. Next, you want to get the fliers into people’s hands and if you are not afraid you can give them a presell of what your site is all about. You never know how many potential clients you

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can reach this way. Put a coupon code into the fliers so you can track your success!

TV commercials is another way to advertise if you can afford it. We all have watched a commercial that enticed us to visit a website, call an 800 number, or go to restaurant and order what you seen on TV. The only drawback to television advertising is that it is usually quite expensive. Even though running your ad online can come with a large price-tag, you need to find out how to make this work because it can catapult your business to the next level fast. Prime-time ads are usually more expensive than ads run in the middle of the morning, afternoon or later at night. Even if you are not ready for a TV spot always keep it in mind for when you think you are ready.

Buy space in the phone book. This is overlooked – how many times have you heard someone on your favorite forum or in a newsletter recommend placing ads in a phone book? Many internet marketers assume that too many people don’t use phone books anymore but that is only speculation and I doubt if its true. This doesn’t matter because the phone books now have websites to do your searches in addition to the paper version.

You can benefit from placing ads in both! You can expect a lot of traffic by taking advantage of both resources. Are you going to be one of the few internet marketers who use this overlooked traffic source?

There are a lot of ways that you can market your business to offline clients! You can still market online, but you should not neglect offline marketing. Online marketing is only going to reach a certain percentage of your potential audience; if that’s all you do, you will be leaving out many people who might otherwise buy from you! Why not reach out to as many people as possible? You’ll do much better by making the most out of every marketing option you have.

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Public Speaking Extraordinaire Series

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Amazingly Simple But Powerful Secrets Revealed On How Anyone Can Go From Zero To Public Speaking Hero! Discover How To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking, Hold Your Audience Spellbound, Empower People To Answer Your Offers Instantly… And Master It All In Just 3 Days!

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Use Google Analytics to Increase Your Rates of Conversion

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Google Analytics is a free and effective software from search engine giant Google, which gives free, comprehensive software solution to anybody who wants to track their visitors and find out how it affects their site.

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Collecting such data would have cost thousands of dollars a few years ago, but now thanks to Analytics it’s very possible. When it comes to the goals of your buisness, Google Analytics is invaluable. First you need to get over the view that many marketers hold that Google Analytics is complicated. Analytics may be a very svelte application, but it is easily mastered and very simple to use. With Google Analytics you get an in depth look into how your site works. Think about it like this, you possess a heart that is even now pumping your blood, and yet you do not comprehend the inner workings of it. In a very similar manner, there are parts of your website that can be improved upon, if you know where and how to fix them.

Let’s look at some of the features Analytics has to offer that can help you improve the conversion rate on your site, and in turn increase your sales.~Google Analytics remains a significantly efficient and no cost method that you are able to employ to locate critical data on your website visitors, each little detail which influences your total growth, and in what ways they interface with your site. Should you be entertaining the thought of utilizing a search engine optimization campaign, in the hopes of bettering your site ranking, Google Analytics can let you know which keywords are actually working the best. You will be able to see exactly how much traffic each keyword brings in.

In short, Google Analytics can give you many new options when it comes to collecting information about your website visitors. Before hand such data did not prove to be so readily available as it is today, and that is why Google Analytics turns out to have such a potent tracking system which needs to be included in your Internet marketing endeavors. Keep reading to find out more of the good consequences Google Analytics could provide for your business.~To get a very intricate analysis of your website in addition to other vital information, you can use the new and very accepted Google Analytics. It is completely free of cost. Google Analytics can also provide you information on where the visitor comes from and which keyword or keywords they used to find your website. The best thing about Google Analytics is that it helps you track all types of referrers such as display ads, PPC networks, search engines, email marketing and even links within a PDF report. Analytics was first developed by the Urchin Software Corporation, which was then acquired and renamed by Google. This software program has enabled numerous websites to achieve their Internet marketing objectives. Here we will consider by what means Analytics offers to aid your Internet business, and how it does it.~You have labored greatly to develop your website and get it all up and running; yet the significant query remains, in what way do you follow your visitors and the other tiny minutia surrounding your site? You may have the latest design on your website, and your friends and family may be gushing about it, but is it everything you need to bring the traffic to the site and convert them to customers? Google Analytics can give you that information and much more so you can vault your online business over your competitor’s. Analytics offers you the essential information, like who investigated your website, where they are located etc. Apart from this you’d be able to view the growing trends and find out what type of audience is hitting your site, and what the duration of their stay is. So that you are able to understand intuitively what pages are performing and which ones are not, it grants you individual tracking information on every page of your website. Below you will find a few of the features Google Analytics provides that makes it an absolute asset to any online business.}

With Google Analytics you will discover how visitors find your site. Apart from the basic keywords that you’re optimizing for your website, you’d also be able to find out all the other keywords that your visitors used to find your site in the search engines. These quantities of keywords could be rather low when you are just beginning. But with time you will notice that there are more keywords being listed in the organic search listings. This is a result of comprehensive optimization.

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You can find those links and pages clicked on by your visitors to give you an understanding of what they are interested in. You can easily discover those links and pages that are most popular with Analytics. With this feature you can find out where traffic is going thanks to your campaign, this all paints a useful picture for you. No matter how easy it is to use, if Google Analytics couldn’t be relied upon for its data it would be worthless. But the technology that works behind it is vast and highly effective as far as results go.~By utilizing Analytics you will be capable of more easily tracing how SEO is helping your efforts and of gaining additional data concerning content maximization. Among your greatest ambitions in utilizing SEO should be to expand the organic search click through rate, and Analytics is able to assist you in exactly this way. Simply log into your account and go to the area where you can contrast differing dates, such as before and after the changes were made. Then keep track of the variations that occur in a weeks time. You might visit the traffic sources tab, in order to obtain a total website analysis. And for finding out the popular pages of your site, go to the content tab and look into content by title and locate the page. Last but not the least, check under the ‘Dimensions’ tab select ‘medium’ to study the total organic search traffic. This proves how Analytics does far more than alternate programs, offering you essential information that was simply impossible but a few years ago.~Analytics helps in visitor segmentation of your website. It provides you with information regarding the quantities of visitors which your SEO strategy is getting you. You have the capability of segmenting results according to returning or new ones, by source of referral, as well as by geography. New marketers sometimes ignore this incredible benefit from Analytics, which is quite an asset. Internet competition these days is dog eat dog, and you really need to have extensive knowledge of your website, your visitors, how your visitors interact with your website, and how you can make it even better for everyone. None of them approach Analytics for precision, though various other programs out there try to address this need. Analytics allows you to do minute adjustments to perfect your site. The all-inclusive report allows you to make changes to the site, such as altering the content on a page that isn’t allowing for excellent conversion rates. At some point, this delivers good quality possible leads to you which turn into clients at some point in the not so distant future.~Creating a website is hard work, but trying to figure out why you aren’t getting sales is even harder. Sometimes it’s because of simple errors on your pages that are hindering traffic and impacting your conversion rate. For example, if your website contains broken links, this is not good as individuals will not have the capability of browsing and navigating around your website efficiently. Not only does it diminish the user experience, but it also hinders your SEO efforts and site revenue. Analytics helps fix that by finding those 404 or error pages for you. To use Google Analytics to find that error page, you have to have the customer’s 404 page ready. You can add your site name and a message to the 404 page’s title. Once you’ve done that, go to the Content tab in the member’s section of Analytics, select “content by title”, and in the “free text” area paste your changes – it’s that easy! Now click on your page’s title to look into any pages that are causing problem. Even if this is the only feature you use, you are saving yourself a lot of headaches.}

Analytics also helps you manage your directory and sub domains individually, which is also a time saver. This really benefits websites that have a high number of pages; offering a new way to analyze their data. In fact, Analytics is the only available option to change the plain data into information that can be evaluated for very large websites. Plus, you can set up Google Analytics to send the reports by e-mail, which is fantastic for those businesses who want to get the most out of their advertising efforts and keep on top of their game. Also, different reports can be sent to different people; you’ll have happy employees and more customers because of it.

Your online marketing needs can be satisfied by the hearty benefits offered by Google Analytics. Effectively promoting a product on the Internet involves a lot of testing and tracking, without which you won’t be able to realize where your profits are coming from.

Knowing your site visitor’s interest and activities lets you increase your business. If you want to see a higher return on your investment and boost your Internet marketing efforts, then it’s high time you started using Google Analytics.

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Twitter Business Magic PLR

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Finally Increase The Response From Your Twitter Followers…AND Get Top Search Engine Rankings By Using This Simple Step-by-Step 6 Part Video Course with Private Label Rights!

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What’s the secret to getting Google to even notice your site?

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Did you ever notice that getting a site noticed by Google reminds you of when you first starting dating and all the things you had to remember about first impressions? Here’s the scope from an Austin SEO Company –  when you think about it, SEO is like dating etiquette guidelines for how your website stands a better chance of getting noticed by Google and the other search engines.

Let’s face it – we want Google to marry our websites and yet Google wants to date us and practically everyone else on the face of the internet. So its up to us to know how to best grab Google’s attention and keep it.


Hygiene is crucial- just like in the offline world. Just like what we were told when we realized that we wanted someone else to notice us, cleanliness matters.

– You want every thing you talk about on your site, the majority of the time to stay away from pornographic terms, even the accidental use of a word- stay away from adult content OK if you want to stand a chance for positive organic search engine results.

– Build a site that loads quickly and easily.First impressions mean a lot even in the Google bot world. If your site takes too long to load for Google – they aren’t going to let you near their customers. You would quickly go to another site if it took forever to load, right?

– Make sure you don’t have HTML errors – they don’t have to be visual to you to be seen by Google.You can run your site through an HTML checker to find if you have any and where they are. You can even Google for the term “html checker” and find several to test.

– Make sure your links are working. Broken links are seen by Google and they don’t like them.

Be Friendly

Make it easy for Google to access your site. If you’re doing a lot of flash development on your site – especially the first page – there’s nothing for the search engines to READ. They need WORDS. So if you neglect this point expect for Google to walk past you on the street and not say hello. No matter how pretty you are, Google can’t see you without words.

Be Yourself

Like in real life – if you are being yourself you may not have a million friends but the ones you have will really be your friends.

So being yourself in terms of your website is knowing what you are about and then being that.Know your keywords – don’t try to make every page or the home page of your site reveal the entire purpose of your life, site or business. You need to think in terms of one maybe two terms a page and optimize your page and its content for that keyword.

Focus on adding pages or posts and then optimize those for that one search term.

Google LOVES the clarity and simplicity of that. If you use so many terms on a single page Google thinks the first one is the most important but when it sees the second one it adds a little weight onto that one and same thing to the next one. Pretty soon NONE of your keywords has decent weight for Google to “take you to met the parents” on Page 1.

Your Friends

At some point when you’ve been dating long enough, you might acquaint your friends to your date. Google sees links from other websites to your site as “friends” of your website.

Much like you did in your early dating, if you introduce your friends to a new date too soon, it often has a negative result on the relationship. In fact,if you were to suddenly have 1000’s of links to a new site, Google would be highly suspicious. So if you’ve been around for a long time Google is comfortable and that makes sense to Google and you won’t spook anyone. But if you’re brand new and you know everybody?Not likely unless you were doing something to trick the system.And then Google will stop returning your calls and putting your site further back in the search results.

What’s interesting about Google is that it actually cares about the quality of those other sites. Google wants you to have friends because it means they aren’t your only connection to the outside world. Google can relax a little – that you’re not just dating Google for the rankings.

Find out who Google thinks are the cool people and go hang out with them.

Google loves active social sites – its a bit like dating a high maintenance date – they want you to look good to them at all times and go dancing every night.

You or rather your website needs to stay in shape, be interesting, be its own individual and know that if you’re cheating Google will dump you on the dance floor.


Do You Know These Link Building Mistakes?

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Link building happens to be one of the most important elements of an SEO campaign and to get your site ranked in the search engines. But you’ll want to be careful and avoid getting them from just any neighborhood. If you make certain mistakes with building your links, the cost will be more money and time spent. If you’ve decided to build links to your sites, then it’s best to do it correctly. You may think link building shortcuts are worth it, but if your site is banned from the search engines all your time and work will be wasted. In the past few years, the process for building links has experienced changes. Actually, building links is not any easier to do, it’s gotten a lot harder to do. Google and other search engines are coming down hard on those who try to game the system. But some black hat methods such as

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comment and link spamming are still used by many marketers. But there are many accepted ways to build your backlinks, where the whole process takes time, which is why marketers end up making some costly mistakes that have a negative affect on their websites.

The first link blunder is having a backlink from bad real estate. Or, backlinks from sites with a less than stellar reputation. If you are associated with a site with a bad rep through linking, this will only hurt your SEO efforts because it will held against you. If you link to a site with bad reputation, you’re telling the search engines you think it’s a reputable site. The problem is they will not agree with you – and you’ll get slapped with penalties. That’s why it’s smart to check on each site’s reputation before linking to them. If someone offers you money to get a backlink from you, but their site is questionable – decline their offer. If you accept it, then your site will eventually be penalized for doing it. You can prevent issues down the road by staying clear of these websites.

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Another common link building mistake is working on getting backlinks from sites that have separate links pages, or dedicated pages filled with other links. You’ll see far better results getting a link from a page that doesn’t already send out backlinks to hundreds of other sites. Many of these pages happen to have 200+ backlinks and having your link among all these links wouldn’t make much of a difference. However, some directories will use a ‘nofollow’ tag on backlinks showing on their pages. This means even if there were 200+ links on that one page, with most of them being “nofollow, excluding yours, then it will count. Make a good effort to stay away from the mistakes discussed, and your backlinks will be the best they can be. Patience and virtue will win for you, so take it easy and you’ll have excellent results.


Welcome to Day 6 of your Action Unleashed E-Course!

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Today’s final lesson:

Simplify Your Life

When you simplify your life, you eliminate a lot of time and resource-sucking stuff that does nothing but drag you down. One of the best ways of simplifying is to trim down on all the things you can potentially bring into your life that will require your time to use or maintain.

The problem with trying to ‘have it all’ is that once you own it, you almost feel obligated to use it all regularly in order to justify your purchases. This mindset takes a lot out of you, and it’s really unnecessary.

When you really think about it, do you really need 4 magazines a month about the same topic, or could you get more out of digging deeper into your favorite magazine and dumping the rest?

Do you really need that shiny new gadget that will require time to learn how to use, or is the similar gadget you bought just 6 months ago still good enough?

Identify the things in your life that are complicating it (especially material stuff), and eliminate them!

To help you take greater control of your time, so you can begin enjoying more of your life on YOUR terms.

Here’s a page that reveals a simple 3-step system that is hands-down one of the best ways for getting things done.

Click here to visit it now (you’ll need a simple notepad and a timer, like an egg timer):

I don’t know if you realized it, but today is the last lesson of your e-course.

I hope you’ve found this information valuable, and that you chose to benefit from it by taking action!

Don’t let another year, 5 years, or worse, 20 years of your life pass by to the point where you look back and regret all the time you wasted that could have been spent with your family, or doing the things you love.

I wish you nothing but the best success!

– Jean


What’s Great About Article Marketing

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Article marketing, over the years, has turned out to be the most effective and result oriented method to drive traffic to your website. It’s not very hard to build a website, but drawing in traffic from your niche is difficult without knowing the best methods to utilize. Article writing offers a way you can depend on to leverage your content and then be able to get back to any visitors who express interest in your products. You must have the right kind of approach if your goal is to get those sales and then convert your visitors to leads, and there’s nothing better than article marketing for this. Achieving true benefits from article marketing requires that you consistently write high quality articles and submit them to various online directories to be hosted and shared. There are many directories that will publish your articles for free of cost, which is a big benefit in itself. It’s definitely time you check out the advantages of this free method of marketing and expanding your presence online if you have never done so before.

First you can go the manual way or the automatic way for your article marketing campaign. Using automated softwares like Viral Submitterwill give much better and faster results though.

If you know how to article market the right way, the overall results will astound you. Article marketing is more than simply submitting your written content to an article directory and hoping the traffic makes its way to your website. Instead it is a strategy that requires full utilization to receive the most benefit.

For example, you can

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set up a mailing list on your site that offers your articles to people who sign up. You can also use these articles on your blog as blog posts to leverage them and grow your own traffic. Add to this making certain that backlinks are built into all of your articles, and it will help both the articles and your website rise in the major search engine rankings, giving you the upper hand.Another way as explained above is to use Viral Submitter PRO.

Third, article marketing gives you the added benefit of recycling. The larger your stockpile of articles, the larger your selection of content to use for other online purposes. For instance, if you’ve got a bunch of articles published, you can use the same content or rewrite it a bit for and use them as blog posts. Developing an e-mail course from your content is another excellent option, providing you with something tantalizing for your subscribers and a hook to gain new ones. Have a stash of quality articles revisiting one juicy topic?-create your own eBook or develop a report from this goldmine (and watch your traffic numbers soar). Your eBook can also be used as promotional material that can be included as a bonus with other offers for your customers. The possibilities are nearly endless; tap into your creativity and run with it.

The opportunities are limitless! Article marketing will prove to be the easiest, least expensive, and possibly the most effective way for you to promote your products and grow your business. Those who are interested in your articles may subscribe so that they will be alerted when new material is printed. This can mean an increase in customer loyalty and many repeat customers for your business.

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Welcome to Day 5 of your Action Unleashed E-Course!

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Today’s lesson:

Set Aside A Specific Block Of Time For Consuming Info On The Web

It’s time to end the wasting of hours upon hours of your valuable time mindlessly on stuff that really requires no more than 30 minutes each day.

I’m talking about everything on the Web that you do to consume information – reading emails, checking Facebook, Twitter and Digg, reading blogs, the news – everything!

Give yourself 30 minutes to an hour each day to do nothing but enjoy it, take care of it, or however you look at it. But once you’ve used up your time, don’t go back to it at all until later in the day or evening, once you’ve accomplished a number of other tasks.

Keep these things in their place and quit letting them control your life!

Give up checking this stuff every 10 minutes. Not only is that a momentum-killer, but chances are, the rest of the world isn’t going to sit at a standstill waiting on your next Facebook update. :)

To help you take greater control of your time, so you can begin enjoying more of your life on YOUR terms.

Here’s a page that reveals a simple 3-step system that is hands-down one of the best ways for getting things done.

Click here to visit it now (you’ll need a simple notepad and a timer, like an egg timer):

All the best,

– Jean


Link Building Through Article Marketing

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Article marketing can be a great way to boost your site up in the search engines and if you can write your own artcles it’s totally free. If you are not a writer don’t worry, you can outsourse the work fairly inexpensively. In this article we’ll cover how to use article marketing for SEO, what to expect from your efforts and what not to expect.You can also learn seo here.

I first want to talk about what not to expect from article marketing. I know that there are a lot of people saying you can get loads of traffic from simply submitting your articles to the top directories. Sadly in my experience this just isn’t so. I have submitted many articles on many different subjects to the top directories and havn’t seen any decent traffic from those efforts. You may also have heard that people will use your articles on thier site and you will get visitors from there. I have not found this to be a significant source of traffic either. Maybe in the past these things may have been true but not in the present. All the best directories have an abundace of great articles on just about every subject so your article being found and used is about like the chances of finding a needle in a hay stack. But don’t let this stop you from using articles becuase you can still get great SEO benefit from them. On todays internet the way to use article marketing is for building links to your site for SEO. Getting high quality, one way anchor text back-links to your site is one of the biggest challenges for anyone trying to get their site ranked high in the search engines. There are other methods of building quality links to your site but they can cost a lot of money as well as taking a lot of time. On the other hand article marketing will allow you to build as many links as your heart desires and, when done right, it will not cost you a fortune or have you slaving away for long hours either. Make no mistake though you will need hundereds of articles to get the maximum benefit. To make article marketing work for SEO and to save a lot of time you need to take advantage of the technology that is available today. There are many web-based and desktop applications that will allow you to submit your articles to numerous directories or blogs at the touch of a button. Some will even allow you to”spin” your article in the process so you get not one article going out but many, thus enhancing the benefit. If you have the money and feel your time is your most valuable asset you can also use a service to manually submit your articles for you. If on the other hand you have more time than money then one of the programs mentioned above will be your best bet since it will be a one time cost or a low monthly fee. In closing article marketing is great for SEO but you will not get much traffic from the articles themselves. But by using one of the progams mentioned above or a submission service you can give your web site hundereds of quality one way anchor text links each and every month. Follow this course of action and you will soon see your site at the top of the SERPs even if you are targeting a competitive keyword.If you need more seo help check out that link.