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Article Marketing – Part 6

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Using Articles To Profit From Affiliate Programs

This is a quick guide on how you can earn a full time income with affiliate programs without even a web site. This is so simple, it’s stupid, yet so many affiliates keep failing.

The biggest reason why I failed when I first started online was because I complicated things. I tried to create huge web sites filled with content, and it just didn’t work because I lost my motivation.

With this guide, all you have to do is create a free autoresponder series, then advertise it directly with ezines and other simple methods that I will show you.

Step 1 – Select 3 Affiliate Programs

To make this work and not be a one hit wonder, you will need to select THREE affiliate programs to join. The criteria to select this programs is a little different then going out and selecting the affiliate program with the biggest commission, even though this does play a role.

Of course, all the affiliate programs you promote will have to be on the one subject. For instance, say your first affiliate program is an ebook on Mini Sites, then your second affiliate program you sell could be a members only site based on Mini Sites and your third affiliate program could be a service where someone creates a network of Mini Sites for your customers.

I will talk more about this later, and how the pricing is crucial.

The first affiliate program you promote will want to be one which pays a larger then normal commission on the first sale. Do not accept anything less then 40% commission for your first affiliate program. The reason for this is because we want to make a profit on the first affiliate program and by selling any product that does not make you at least $20 per sale you will not profit straight away. The main aim of this is to really build up your Opt-in Mailing list.

If you break even, don’t be discouraged. Breaking even is an amazing result, and if you have built your list up, then you will be profiting for years to come.

So for your first affiliate program, choose a product that sells for around $40 to $50 and where you still get at least 40% of the total profits.

Your second affiliate program you join will be in the category of what we call “Residual Income”.

This is an affiliate program that pays you every month someone stays signed up for their product or service. For example, if you were to promote a web hosting company, and they charged $25 a month, you would get around $10 a month for as long as that person stays signed up for web hosting. Terry Dean believes this is the closest way to earning a secure pay check every month.

These are great programs to promote because all they require is a little hard work up front and you’re set for months, even years. That’s why I recommend promoting this type of program once you have a large list of names to email to.

Of course you will still be promoting your free course to other people, but this is a way to make back end sales from your current list. Don’t think if you’ve advertised to these people once, that’s all they are good for. I will talk more about this later in the book

You can find a large list of Residual Income affiliate programs at

Now your third affiliate program will also be a program that you will promote to your current subscriber list. This program should pay you a large lump sum of money. This type of program will have a lower conversion rate, but you should be making $80 to $150 commission per sale.

If you would like to find a directory of affiliate programs, visit

Stay tuned for Step 2 – Creating a Free Report Series


Article Marketing – Video Supplement #2

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In the last blog post, we talked about picking 3 affiliate programs and writing articles for them.  If you are struggling with writing your own, private label rights articles could be your answer.

Check out this video for additional info.

– Jean


Article Marketing – Part 5

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Continuing the series…

How To Make over $1,000 With One Article In Under 24 hours

I’d like to share a potential blueprint on how it is possible to earn some decent dollars using article marketing to promote affiliate programs.

Start off by picking 3 affiliate programs that you’d like to promote. Write 3 articles based around all those affiliate programs and put your affiliate links to them in the article.  Then submit the articles to hundreds of ezine publishers which can be found at and Try to send as many out as you can in one day.

In your article by-line, also place your autoresponder link so they can sign up for either a free eBook or course.  With these names,  give them the chance to buy another product that you happen to have the resell rights to.

Your articles will often get picked up by others and their promotional efforts will often result in additional dollars. You also can get your name blasted all over the search engine’s as people who published your articles put them on their web sites.

That’s it. It will cost you nothing to set up and the advertising is free, so it will be all PURE PROFIT.  Continue this pattern every month without fail – putting a little hard work in your first month online can bring you amazing profits.

The longer you keep promoting your affiliate programs and trying new methods, you will constantly see increases every month in your commissions.

Stay tuned for the next installment.

– Jean


Article Marketing – Part 4

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Continuing the series…

How to edit your article so it looks like you’re a professional writer.

The number 1 reason why most articles don’t get published (behind not following posting guidelines, which we will discuss in a later post) is the article is full of spelling errors.

Just because I said you don’t have to worry so much about correct grammar in your article, it doesn’t mean you can slack off and not proof read and spell check your work.  Even if you don’t have Microsoft Word, you can still download the free software suite, Open Office.  This has almost all of the same features as Microsoft Office so you should have no excuse for spelling errors.

You will also want to make sure your article flows properly and makes perfect sense. I know sometimes I write one word but mean another. Like put instead of but, etc….

You might want to print it out and read it aloud a few times, or even get a few other people to do the same.

This is also a good time to see if you’ve covered everything you’ve wanted to cover and your not leaving anything out the reader might need to know. There is nothing worse than an article that either doesn’t make sense, or leaves so much information out due to the fear of giving too much away, that it’s practically blank and full of fluff no one is interested in.

Stay tuned for installment #5.

– Jean


Article Marketing – Video Supplement #1

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Before we get too far into the article marketing series, here’s a video supplement that will give you a good overview of what we’ve gone over so far.

– Jean


Article Marketing – Part 3

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Continuing the series…

The most important part to your article is your article title, it will make or break your article.

When people read articles, they want information that they can use straight away. Say for you instance you’re writing about how to get your baby to sleep better at night, then you’d want a title something like this.

“6 Easy Steps For A Better Nights Sleep For You And Your Baby That You Can Implement Tonight!”

Ok, that’s not perfect but you get the idea.

I’ve found if you’re targeting the Internet Marketing niche you’ll find your articles will get a better response and you will make more sales if you give people a plan they can use to make money straight away from your article.

For instance, let’s say your promoting the “Google Cash” eBook that shows people how to make money with Google Adwords, you could write articles on the following….

  • How you made money following the formula in the eBook.
  • Give them a well thought out business plan they can steal and use as their own.
  • Tell them how you failed using the Google Cash method but another method worked for you.

People love a story, whether it’s a success or even a failure.

Stay tuned for installment #4

– Jean